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Jet Lucky Game

In 2021, free online mini-games will be more essential than ever before. The gaming market has seen a significant boost in these new entertainment options. Jet Lucky is one of these successful goods.


RTP of 96.5%

Mobile and tablet compatible

Auto bet feature

Live chat function


No progressive jackpot

Jet Lucky Game
Jet Lucky Crash Game

Jet Lucky is a game made by Gaming Corps. This firm, which is yet unknown to the general public, has already shown its capacity to provide outstanding entertainment and has already shown this. Among its successful games are Coin Miner, which you can download for free on our site, as well as To Mars and Beyong. If you think it’s worth your time, you may play it in demo mode.

According to Gaming Corps, Jet Lucky is the newest version of JetX. Gaming Corps’ creation steals the show with its title, which has been suggested to be the predecessor of crash games like Aviator Game. That’s what Jet Lucky is: a plane crash game based on Cbet’s JetX. It differs from Cbet’s JetX in that it features a more polished and colorful user interface as well as better visuals. Let’s have a look at how the game works now that we’ve introduced it.

How to Play the Jet Lucky Crash Game ?

Have you ever played JetX? If so, you should be aware that it works similarly to Jet Lucky. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the game mechanics, don’t worry; we’ll explain everything.

To play Lucky Jet, you must wager a minimum amount of money before the loading bar is full. If you do not bet enough, the plane will take off and you will have to wait until the next session to play. The objective is to parachute out of the plane before it is hit by a missile and incinerates.


The Jet Lucky game is a multiplier game. This implies that the more you win, the bigger your multiplier becomes. The multiplier is initially small, but it grows as the aircraft rises into the sky. As a result, the longer the plane stays in flight, the more money you make.


The game has a high-risk, high-reward modus operandi. You must parachute out of the plane prior to it exploding in order to profit. In other words, if you fail to get the pilot out of the plane in time and he is killed in the accident, you will lose your original wager. All you have to do is click the green “Take” button to eject the pilot from the aircraft, indicating that you wish to cash in on your profits.

What are the Features of the Jet Lucky Game?

To get away from the gameplay, a video game company named Gaming Corps tried to include some inventive components into its creation.

See Live Statistics

If you’re seeking for ways to take more chances or want to put your skills to the test, look at the screen immediately above the game interface. While you are playing, you’ll notice a table that displays the session statistics of other players. You’ll be able to see which accounts they used, how much money they wagered and won, and even their usernames.

Double the Bets Before Takeoff

There is no difference in terms of how bets are placed on the site, and bettors can place a double bet before the plane takes off at both Aviator Game and Lucky Jet, just like at any other place. Users have the choice of dividing their stakes before take-off. You may split your bets equally or proportionally. Keep in mind that in order to cash in your prize, you must click on each of the two “Take” buttons that were originally used to establish the bets.

Live chat

The game is also a social event, which means it includes a live chat function so players may interact with one another. If you’d want to tell your gaming experience with other users, you can type anything in the chat window at any time. This is always very active and might even lead to fantastic friendships between players.

Auto Bet

The “Auto Bet” function is undoubtedly one of the most innovative new features in games of chance like Jet Lucky. Why is it so useful? Because it makes your life easier, that’s why! In fact, it’s a button you can press in the betting preferences screen.

Auto-betting allows you to pre-program bet amounts for each round of a game. This eliminates the need to hurry and place a wager before the loading bar is full.

It’s also possible to have the winnings paid automatically. Simply select the “Auto” option in the multiplier and a value that will cause the pilot to be ejected.

Test the Demo Game

I’m excited to see what else Jet Lucky has in store for us? If that’s the case, you may keep reading to learn more. The game is available as a free download.

This demo will keep you occupied for a long time. To get a fresh bankroll of €200,000, simply hit the yellow button labeled “Launch Jet Lucky in free mode.”

Jet Lucky Game
Jet Lucky Game

What is the RTP of Jet Lucky Game?

The 90-day payout ratio is a calculation of how fair a game is. In general, the most lucrative games have a payout ratio of more than 96%. The good news is that this also holds true for the Gaming Corps minigame! With an payout ratio of 96.5%, the Gaming Corps minigame qualifies as a successful invention. If you were seeking for an excuse to play Jet Lucky, perhaps you’re here!

Available on Mobile and Tablet

The word “microgame” was coined in 2010 by a small group of independent game developers who were experimenting with increasingly tiny forms of gaming and developing their own microgaming software. The first iOS casino, Play’n GO, debuted the same year to a worldwide audience. In the years since then, mobile games have exploded in popularity, and mini-games have followed suit. Developers are currently working on portable online casino arcade games that may be played anytime, anywhere. Because no operating system has been excluded, you may play all of the mini-games on your little screen, including Jet Lucky, which will be discussed later in this review, whether you have an iPhone or iPad or an Android phone or tablet.


How much money can I bet per round in Jet Lucky?

The game’s design allows for a wide range of betting options. You may wager as little as €0.10 or as much as €1,000 per game.

What is the maximum amount that I can win in Jet Lucky?

There is no theoretical limit to the amount you may win while playing Jet Lucky. However, in order to withdraw your winnings, you must have an account with a balance of at least €20.

Can I play Jet Lucky on my mobile phone?

Yes! The game has been designed to be played on all types of devices, including smartphones and tablets. Simply access the website from your mobile browser and start playing!

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Jet Lucky Game