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Lucky 7 Game

The game has a new style, high-resolution pictures that will wow you, new visual balls, better security and improved player experience as a result of several other upgrades.


Many ways to win

Can be played for low stakes

The draws are quick


The odds of winning aren’t great

Winnings can be small

You need to be patient to win big

Lucky 7 Game
Lucky 7 Live Game

The Lucky 7 lotto game is straightforward to play. 7 winning balls are pulled from a pool of 42 balls at random and inserted into the game tube. After seven successful balls have been chosen, the draw is complete. Additionally, if more than seven balls enter the tube, only the first seven are recorded, with the remainder disregarded. There is just one betting round in this game; players may wager on all of the potential outcomes for the following draw. A betting round occurs between draws and lasts approximately 3 minutes. The game draws take place every day for four minutes each.

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How to Play “Lucky 7”

Of the 42 balls, seven are randomly chosen and moved to the tube (tray). If seven or more lucky balls have been selected, then the draw is valid. If more than seven balls are selected, only the first seven are counted and the rest are ignored.

Each draw is preceded by a single betting round, during which bets may be placed on all potential outcomes of the following draw. Between draws, there are 3 minutes of betting time. Every day, draws occur every 4 minutes.

How to place a bet?

  • Login to your account;
  • If necessary, replenish your game account;
  • Select a betting alternative;
  • Click “Confirm” to continue;
  • Enter the amount of your wager in the “Amount” box on the Coupon;
  • Click the “Place Bet” button.
Lucky 7 Game
Lucky 7 Bet

After the wager is placed, the following message will display: “Bet accepted.”


A combination bet is made up of two separate bets, and in order to win the combination, you must win both bets. The stakes are multiplied by the odds to determine the profits. It’s not feasible to parlay (combine) CARD GAMES bets.

  • Select a betting category and the draw’s outcome;
  • Place another wager on your bet slip;
  • In the “Amount” field of the Coupon, enter your wager;
  • Click the “Place Bet” button.

Rules of the game “Lucky 7”

  • Out of the 42 balls, seven are chosen at random and placed in the tube.
  • If at least 7 winning balls have been picked, the draw is considered valid. In all other situations, the draw is annulled and all bets are refunded to participants.
  • When nine or more balls fall into the tube, only the first seven are counted; the remaining ones are disregarded.
Lucky 7 Game
Betgames Lucky 7 Game

Betgames Lucky 7 Betting Strategys and Tricks

On Betgames, you may use a betting strategy to better manage your bankroll and increase your chances of winning. Big lucky seven wins will be tough to come by; as a result, my advice is to stick to bets with a greater potential of paying out.

I think of playing lucky 7 as a type of Roulette. As such, I arrange my bets to resemble the outside bet types, which favor even money and lower-risk wagers. Forget about numbers; there are forty-two of them, so you’re one in forty-two likely to get it right.

So we must look at bets with a high probability of paying off. So let’s go through each of the betting categories and see which bets are ideal for you.

Numbers Strategy

I enjoy betting against the numbers being drawn. The chance of success is higher than attempting to forecast a number that will be drawn. My selection, “None of the Seven numbers picked will be dropped,” pays 3.50 if successful.

Black/Yellow Balls and Totals Strategy

This is a coin toss since the outcomes are all identical. My advice is to study previous outcomes and get an idea of what’s come in before. The trend or going against it — that is yours to make!

Total Sum Strategy

These are wagers on the overall total of the sevens balls dropped, whether they will be above or below specific totals. To assist you understand this bet, consider that the average number of a ball out of 42 is 21.5. As a result, 7 balls will have an average total of 150.5.

So you must determine whether the overall sum will be above or below average, as well as how far beneath or above the higher payouts.

My advice for this wager is to choose one of the bets where you bet below or above 175.5 or 125.5.

Total Count Strategy

The two-way bet is probably the most complicated of all. To comprehend it, you must split the bets between whether or not the Count of Colored Balls is above or below average. And exactly how many balls are dropped for each color.

The average number of yellow or blackjack balls is three. If seven balls are drawn, there will be a total of three yellow and three black. So consider whether the count will be higher or lower than usual. The greater away from the average a count is, the greater the payout.

I suggest betting on being more than 2.5 or less than 3.5, because that is the most likely scenario. Don’t stray too far from the average of three when calculating the precise number of balls to wager.


How often are the draws?

The draws take place every five minutes.

How many balls are drawn?

Seven balls are drawn in each Lucky 7 draw.

What is the maximum number of bets I can make?

You can make up to 10 bets on each Coupon.

What is the minimum bet amount?

The minimum bet amount is 0.1 Units.

What is the maximum payout?

The maximum payout is 10,000 Units per coupon.

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Lucky 7 Game